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Candidates should possess a solid understanding of next-gen game character development processes, limitations, and dependencies. Animations need to look great, flow smoothly, follow an established model sheet, work within the technical constraints of the platform, and most importantly convey the humor and feel of the title. We want people who really understand traditional 2D animation and how to convey this feeling with 3D models. You need to be comfortable working with a wide array of characters, from awkward and goofy to more athletic and cartoonishly proportioned human anatomy.


Duties and Responsibilities:

- Creation of key framed in game animations

- Works directly with programmers to implement new moves and iterate on existing ones

- Breaks down design into animation sequences in order to establish project plan and schedule

- Edits, polishes and tune

Senior Programmer

We're looking for a talented and experienced programmer with a broad programming background, someone who can operate with flexibility over a variety of tasks. This position will allow for great influence over future company direction and code processes.




- Must be eligible to work in United States

- 4+ years game industry experience

- 2+ shipped titles

- Strong experience working on title using Unity Pro

- Strong C#, Java and math skills

- Experience developing for a current generation console (Xbox 360, PS3)

- Previous experience architecting systems

- Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices

- Reliable scheduling and management ability

- Ability to work with artists, level designers, QA, etc.

- Excellent written and oral communication skills

- BS (or higher) in C