Harold First Official Trailer is out !!!!


Hello everyone!

It’s been a long run, but after four years of hard work and dedication, Harold, the platformer racing video game from the independent team at Moon Spider Studio, is finally nearing the finish line for release later this year…

And we’ve got a new trailer to celebrate it entering the home stretch! This updated look at Harold shows off the game’s colorful visual design, skillful animation and absurdly comic premise, gameplay and humor in action.

Players take on the wings of a guardian-angel-in-training, tasked with guiding their less-than-capable human – Harold – safely through a series of increasingly complex and competitive obstacle races. Getting Harold from start to finish in one piece will require manipulating the environment (and Harold) with your heavenly abilities.

With 12 distinct courses and three unique game modes, Harold provides a fun challenge for players of all skill level

Announcing Harold !



Announcing our debut title, Harold!
Harold is a singleplayer sidescrolling platformer with an emphasis on the high quality, hand-drawn style of classic animated films. You play as Gabe, the guardian angel responsible for guiding Harold through the multiple paths of each map, constantly saving your human charge from imminent death by manipulating obstacles in different environments. To edge out the other runners and prove your angelic abilities you’ll need every ounce of cunning and foresight you can muster, because your greatest hindrance is the oafish clumsiness of Harold himself!

PAX Prime



PAX – Visit our booth at PAX Prime in Seattle (August 31 – September 2) in our booth number  129 and be one of the happy throng playing Harold, the first game out of the chute for Moon Spider Studio! You’ll get a chance to experience firsthand the breathtaking visuals and fast-paced gameplay. Say hi to the team, try to guide Harold to first place against the five other runners, and grab one of the highly coveted Harold t-shirts (supplies are limited)!