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Travel Europe: Enjoy non-stop trips to Berlin, Paris, Florence, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Madrid and Venice

We all look forward to enjoying peaceful and thrilling moments while on vacation. Europe has the best world destinations to offer. Some of the luxurious hotels and restaurants are located in Madrid, Spain. You can enjoy a trip to Relais & Chateaux Hotel Orfila and Gran Melia Fenix five stars in Madrid. With or without family, these restaurants are open to visitors from all parts of the world. This town has excellent parks and open air flea markets where you can purchase almost everything. The street food is awesome and clean. The Picho de Tortilla is a must try food. It’s delicious, spicy and served with bread. Madrid gives us a glimpse of what life is in West Europe.

Paris has been known for the Eiffel Tower, ancient cuisines and production of sweet perfumes globally. If you love trying out new foods, Paris is the place to be. You will enjoy delicacies such as Beef Bourguignon, Confit de canard, red wine, Nicoise salad, onion soup and street food like Naan Pizzas. This article offers us an insight of the exclusive French cuisine as well as trending fashion news. The site targets visitors who are ready to explore the French culture and food as well as its lavish architectural designs. Berlin on the other hand has the world’s leading structural designs. Each structure has an interesting backdrop that make you want to visit the place. The Berlin wall is an outstanding building that provides a brief history about East Germany’s liberation from Nazi’s rule.

Florence is an exciting place to visit. The best way to tour this location is by foot, taxi and bus due to town’s small space. Touring Florence by foot is more convenient and safe. You can see almost every structural design you intended to. Most shops are located nearby therefore you can quench your thirst as you resume your trip. Besides, you can visit the beautiful gardens like Giardino delle Rose to enjoy lone time. This site aims at informing tourists, travelers, families and backpackers about the most convenient means of transport to use in Florence and some of the activities you can engage in while there.

Amsterdam offers a number of exciting places to visit. The Van Goghs museum is a must visit place. You will learn of Vincent Van Goghs work through his painting, letters and drawings. The Condomerie is another exciting venture where visitors learn about different shapes, flavors and sizes of condoms. Netherlands is a great country that advocates for safe sex. Beer is also in plenty. You will have a good time for sure. Istanbul leads with the tallest buildings in the world. The Isbank Tower 1 tells you everything you need to know about the city. The locals are quite laid back and love to enjoy their time smoking shisha. Travelling to Venice can be a thrilling experience especially when you have company. The town is easy to navigate even though it lacks roads.

Read these articles to familiarize yourself with the location or site you intend to visit. This way, you will avoid making unnecessary mistakes that can be avoided easily.

Plan a safe trip, know the dos and don’ts before embarking on a trip to Europe.