The best children’s activities in Venice

Children can remember the small joys and delights of this crooked city long after they have forgotten the sights and activities of children in Venice.

The children immediately enchant Venice, where everything looks not only different but also different. The buildings are candy-colored, the streets are water, both replace cars and floods flood the main square. So it is fitting that the stains made here are torn a little too. Of course, like no one who has ever visited Venice, you start in the city’s large family room

Enter St. Mark’s –

it’s free and you can book a place to avoid the lines. While children don’t always have the patience to go to church, the church has enough interest in keeping them, especially if you can plan your visit later in the day when the crowds have calmed down or even better for lunch. at lunchtime and the sun reflects in glittering glory all the thousands of gold mosaic pieces. Climb the stairs along the atrium, follow the signs for Loggia dei Cavall to stand on the balcony next to the giant horses and look down at St. Mark’s Square.

Explore the Grand Canal by vaporetto – the best palace views are from the canal, and much of it has no dams on foot, so water is the only way to see a few. Jump near Doge’s Palace and drive around the circle to get a view of the entire city.

Take pictures of the most unusual uses of boats – the Grand Canal Tour should find more, but this is also a good search if you’re outdoors. Among those looking for are both grocery boats (in Dorsoduro sestiere, just outside Campo San Barnaba), a taxi, a garbage truck, a handset, even a DHL or UPS truck.

Get lost – Not just of course, but with the parents who will find you through the vast watery maze of Venice. San Polo is a great place to do so; See the map, select a destination and how close you can get to it. Or make a cartoon art project for kids at Arte al Sole Venice Sketching Treasure Hunt.

Traghetto Ride –

These small gondolas truncated form a second side of the Grand Canal to another border between the sole of the four long channel bridge. Not only do you save miles on foot, but for the price of one euro, you are also the cheapest way to get around the city.

Visit the Makeup Artist

The narrow streets of San Polo are a great place to browse the shops that make detailed carnival masks where you can usually see the Makeup Artists at work. In fact, Ca ‘Macana teaches at Calle delle Botteghe Campo in San Barnaba in Dorsoduro. If the design is right, children and adults can learn the art themselves and take home their own design. The Arte al Sole children’s art course program also offers a mask-only workshop for children to learn about the history of the carnival.

Find Santa Maria dei Miracoli – Find San Polo past Cannaregio, a favorite Venetian church that also appeals to children. In a very small – according to Italian church standards – the church is all the abundance of cathedral, clad in geometric patterns of pink, white and green marble.

Visit the glass-blowing island of Murano – Of course all tourists do, but it would be a shame not to see these talented artists turn molten glass into delicate vases and figures. It is also a place to buy bright pearls for half price from the city’s shops and street vendors. Venice’s Arte al Sole family art workshops offer a child-friendly tour with the artist in a glass-blowing oven, followed by Venetian glass beads.

Lost in the maze of gardens

After a few days in Venice, everyone needs a break from the sensual rush hour, and a trip to the Brenta Canal is a real antidote. Take the bus directly to Stra or Mira and rent bicycles from the rental bike service to drive along the canal to Villa Pisani. The palace itself may not be of interest to children, but the garden is. Il Labirinto, the world’s toughest security maze, expects to be completely confused. A dozen concentric hedgerows are too high to see in the middle of the tower. Hold small children when it is visible, it becomes very difficult

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