WHAT to eat in Venice

But enough magic, let’s talk about what to eat in Venice

Gelateria CA ‘D’oro – My favorite gelato place in town! Try the amarena flavor, my favorite of all.

Torrefazione Cannaregio – A prestigious coffee brand that makes delicious cappuccinos standing on the counter like a real local. The service is excellent and you can even bring coffee beans home. Aren’t these the best souvenirs?

Dal Moro’s – Takeaway Pasta and one of the city’s most prestigious places. Venice is not cheap, and paying for a meal can be paid daily and at night. Dal Moro is a good option for a cheaper dinner, and it’s so good that you’re probably going to queue for a visit, but it’s moving pretty fast.

Gelatoteca Suso – Another good gelato store with really good reviews that support me. I loved their coconut.

Frulala Fruit Bar – This place was so much fun! They had two seats when we visited, and we chose the outside cabin with a handful of crutches, and the people who went around wondered what all our worries were about. The guy at the juice / cocktail bar offered free shots to people as they walked past to draw them into a loli. It worked. Cocktails are made from real fruit, very refreshing and delicious.

Antico Gatoleto – This restaurant was hidden from the crowd and had good pasta dishes.

De Mamo – We went to this restaurant for our 3rd anniversary and loved it. It is small, so I recommend booking in advance.


Hotel San Cassiano – Residenza d’Epoca Ca ‘Favaretto – This was the first hotel we stayed in in 2011. It is right on the Grand Canal and we chose a room overlooking the canal. Rooms are decorated in a traditional Venetian style. They offer a delicious breakfast and a breakfast room with a balcony overlooking the canal.

Carnival Palace Hotel – Close to the Jewish Quarter (and Cannaregio). This hotel is further away from the Grand Canal but closer to the train station, which is good if you want to fly early on the day of departure. Our room overlooked the canal and the furniture was more luxurious and modern. Breakfast options including omelet bar and mimosa! Serious luxury at non-luxury prices.
You can also find Airbnb in Venice near or near the areas above or the Cannaregio neighborhood. Cannaregio is a stunning neighborhood that is not as busy as the center and full of lots of cool facades and places to eat.


If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. We did it in the first year to get the experience and we loved it, but it’s too expensive to do every time.

Shop, the base price is 80 euros for 40 minutes, but gondolas add depending on the length and time of day. If you find them outside the main areas, there is usually a better deal. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a little.

Venice day trips

Do not leave without visiting Burano Burano, värikkäimmällä on the island that I have ever seen in my life, and it is only a 40-minute boat ride. I really enjoyed my time there and couldn’t stop taking pictures. Read more about the visit HERE. If you have more time, you can visit the neighboring island of Murano.

We did a day trip to Burano alone, so we had no time limits. However, you can book a half-day tour that includes transportation and time to be alone, as well as Burano and Murano researching. I hope this guide has been helpful and inspired the trip to Venice even more. All I know is that you fall in love with this place.

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