Photo of Santa Maria Della Salute

Still wondering what to do in Venice? The famous Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute has been featured in countless photographs and films around the world. It is a baroque church built on the Grand Canal in the 18th century.

This place places it in almost any image of Venice, including one of these articles. The church is made of beautiful white Istrian stone and is decorated with over 100 unique statues. It is worth taking a closer look at the church and admiring its impressive façade and scale.

The church was originally designed to celebrate Venice to escape the nests of black plague, and has since become the city’s institution. It features notable works made of Tintoretto and titanium.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

As former New Yorkers, we know the Guggenheim in New York. However, most people do not know that Venice has a lesser known Guggenheim Museum. Peggy Guggenheim was the daughter of Benjamin Guggenheim and the niece of American mining magnate Salomon R. Guggenheim. He was an avid art collector and lived in Venice for almost 30 years.

Most importantly, he was recognized as one of the most enthusiastic windbreakers and the reason why it became a sense of art. In fact, the artist has the whole room in the museum.

Tickets cost € 14 and are worthy of valuable modern art. After his death, his collection was donated to the larger Guggenheim Art Foundation and now has regular new exhibitions. This is one of the best places to visit in Venice.

San Sebastiano

Mandatory in Venice is San Sebastiano. The Chiesa di San Sebastiano is a 16th-century Roman Catholic church and a great alternative (or addition) to San Marco. Here are some of Paolo Tiepolo’s best songs. If you like art and history, Venice is a great place to do.

Check the mosaics under your feet

Mosaics are easy to capture underfoot, as anyone can do. The beautiful mosaics of Venice are some of the things that can be seen in Venice that are really easy to forget, but that are right under your feet. Venice is rich in architecture, art and history. It’s everywhere to the point you can’t escape. While it’s easy to get lost in the clouds and stare at the architecture and walls adorned with art, don’t forget to look down.

Some of Venice’s most beautiful elements can be found in mosaics and palaces, streets and shops. One of my favorite tracks during the trip, this German photographer explores the floors of Venice, read it here.

La Fenice Theater

While in New York, Natasha and I were a rare exception for millennia, visiting the Metropolitan Opera several times. We have since fallen in love with world operas and will take the opportunity to visit there if we can.

It would be hard to find many places to go to the opera better than La Fenice. It is a beautiful theater with velvet, gilded candles and glittering chandeliers. Decorating with rows of seat covers is all you can imagine as a great theater. Get ready for an evening full of world-class features, history and talent.

Burano Island

This is hard to see in Venice, but Burano is a great day trip from Venice. The houses on Burano Island are painted in different colors, and you’ve probably seen the charming town in postcards and magazines.

Enjoy fresh seafood, risotto or pasta from the island before returning to Venice, preferably at sunset, so you can catch it with the water.

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