The best things to do in Venice

In addition to the gondola ride, Venice has a lot to do. The whole of Venice Pensolo (municipality) is divided into 6 districts: Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Polo and Santa Croce. They all have quaint places to visit and good food and drink.

Honestly, they should take quite a bit of time to check everything on your list, we went there twice and didn’t even scratch the surface of the city. We hope there are some things in Venice that are different from traditional attractions. (Don’t worry, even if things are good for a reason). Here are some of Venice’s best attractions and activities.

Taxi along the Grand Canal

Even if you only have two days in Venice, this should be at the top of the list you made in Venice. Public water taxis sell hard in terms of the Venetian atmosphere. It’s certainly not a cheap experience, but Venice is a good sight on the water.

It’s also a lot more than a gondola because the prices are pretty comparable and you cover a lot more water in a speedboat. Higher private water taxis even include sparkling wine and snacks, but you have to pay around € 125 per hour.

Celebrate the Carnevale Festival

We love visiting Venice out of season, and knowing that everyone who travels, avoids the summer months all over Europe. However, there is still a busy time of year that is worth lightening the crowds.

It’s February, when the city celebrates the carnival. Nearly three million people wear disguised suits and walk around the city with balls. The celebration dates back to the Renaissance, when Venetians Venetians wore gilded masks, feather hats, black cloaks and dresses.

Explore residential areas

If you are looking for free things to do in Venice, just explore the suburbs! In the residential areas of Venice, the city shines before our eyes. As you leave the lively areas of San Marco, Cannaregio and San Polo, you will find the Castello and Dorsoduro areas. In a city that can feel crowded at any time of the year, you finally get a chance to breathe in the suburbs. Therefore, they are our absolute favorite area in Venice.

It’s best to just wander around when you’ll find quiet canals, air-drying clothes, supermarkets and small independent shops. We were even looking for an old hardware store that was full of copper lamps from the last day in town.

Go to the top of Campanile

There are many places to get a glimpse of Venice, but nothing is as great as the views of Campanile. You can see all of Venice from the top of the famous bell tower next to St. Mark’s Basilica. Don’t worry about taking the stairs as there is an elevator inside that will take you up.

The tower is 98.6 meters high and dates back to the 9th century, when it was originally built on Roman foundations. It was restored and built until it was in its current form in 1514. However, the current tower dates from 1912 after the collapse of the original tower.

Enjoy views of San Giorgio Maggiore

One of the most important things in Venice is the view from San Giorgio Maggiore. You should take the water bus to the island of San Giorgio, as this is one of the best things about Venice in Italy. The church of the island happens to be one of the few in Venice that does not charge an entrance fee. Inside the church are several Renaissance paintings by Tintoretto.

The Venetian painter is an iconic part of the city, and his works can be found throughout the city, including Field and Doge’s Palace. Her grave is in the Madonna dell’Orto in Venice.

In addition to the paintings by Tintoretto, the church has breathtaking views of Venice and St. Mark’s Square over the water without seeing the crowds.

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