8 Google Maps Tips To Plan Your Travel

Google Maps Tips and Tricks

Our well-researched tips on Google Maps as an efficient trip planner helps you understand and use all its features to ease your travel. From customizing your maps and entering multiple destinations to exploring your area and saving locations, Google Maps offers every option that improves your travel plans. For years, Google Maps has been a user-friendly navigation app and an offline reference for routes and directions. In short, Google Maps is a traveler’s virtual partner.

Maps have become more than just paper images of routes and directions, thanks to software technology. Google Maps is a perfect example. Unarguably the most popular and efficient navigation software, Google Maps also qualifies as a comprehensive trip planner. Yet, it isn’t used as one. One of the likely reasons is that most of its features are listed in hidden panels. A guide with Google Maps tips will certainly help travelers get started.

Here are some Google Maps tips to help you plan your trip

1) Multiple Destinations:
Google Maps lets you enter multiple destinations and connects each of them to give you a visual of the route. The app allows you to organize your stops in any order you like and suggests the best possible route. This feature isn’t just limited to tourist destinations. You can enter your preferred pit stops like restaurants and gas stations.

2) Explore Nearby:
This feature is a boon to travelers in unfamiliar cities. Google Maps has a detailed list of nearby restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, gas stations, hospitals, and attractions. They are organized in order of proximity to help you pick the closest.

3) Save Places and Locations:
Google Maps lets you save favorite locations so you wouldn’t forget their addresses whenever you are in the city again. You can also save important places like your hotel address, which you most likely won’t remember at the back of your hands.

4) Customize Maps:
This is the best feature Google Maps offers. You can create a custom map of your trip by entering points of interests and pit stops, and choosing your route options like freeways and expressways. Label this trip for future reference.

5) Share Places and Plans:
In addition to sharing your location in real-time, you can also share your trip plan with your family or friends. This is an extremely useful feature if you are traveling in a group in different vehicles. Yet another advantage is sharing your favorite places which may be helpful to others who are on a similar trip.

6) Download Offline Maps:
A dicey Internet connection is a major worry on road and rail trips. No network means you can’t use online maps. This is where Google Maps stands out. It offers travelers the option to download a map that can be used offline. All you have to do is enter the place you are visiting. For instance, enter Los Angeles on the map and download it. You can select a locality within the city and save it under a label.

7) Schedule and Traffic:
You may leave on time but how can you make sure you reach your destination on time? When you enter a location, you can also enter the departure and arrival time. Based on traffic and road conditions, Google Maps suggests the appropriate departure time to help you keep up with your trip schedule.

8) Public Transport Information:
Google Maps always has alternate transportation suggestions ready whenever you need them. Whether it’s a cab, a bus, or a rail service, Google Maps offers accurate information regarding the fare, timings, and routes.

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