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Ways to Find Your Way in Florence Quickly

The small city based in Tuscany has a beautiful scenery that attracts million of visitors annually. There are many ways to find your way to Florence. You can use a bus, flights, Taxis, foot and even rent a car to get through Florence. Florence is a small city hence walking by foot would be the best way to explore this site. It is important to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we get you through some of the best ways to navigate Florence easily.

1.By Foot

Florence is a small city. The best way to tour this city is by foot. Before you jump on a flight to Italy, make sure you pack decent shoes to last you an entire trip. Most of the tourist attractions are closely located. Train stations are usually packed during this period. Being a small city, Florence is flooded with visitors all through. As a result, this leads to congestion which in turn increases crime in the town. Always opt for underground walkways that are safe and less congested. The maximum time you will take to tour the city by foot is an hour. During this time, you will enjoy sightseeing major tourist attractions like: Santa Croce, Oltranro, San Miniato and Duomo. The shops are also closely packed hence you can grab a Pizza or a snack during the trip.

2. Sightseeing by Bus

Florence relies widely on public transportation. Sightseeing by bus is not a new thing in the municipality. City buses are available in white and purple colors with the newest being blue. It is prudent to buy tickets beforehand to avoid missing out on this luxurious tour. You can find these tickets on any shop with a ‘ATAF’ sticker and Santa Maria Novella train station. They are quite cheap with a single ticket going for 2 Pounds. These buses have three entry points: the front, back and middle doors. The front and back doors are used for boarding the bus while the middle one is for lighting purposes. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes. You may switch buses if you feel the need to using the same ticket.

3.Moving by Taxi
Getting around in Florence by taxi is very easy. Taxis cannot be flagged down the street in Tuscany, Italy. Therefore, you can find a taxi in special taxi parking stands or at the airport where you can order one by phone. These taxis operate on a 24/7 basis on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. The price of a taxi varies depending on your destination. The prices are relatively cheap with the cheapest one being 4pounds only. Be specific to the destination you would like your driver to take. Also, a small tip will be appreciated.

4.Renting a car

This might not be the best option. You require a special Limited Traffic Access Zone(ZTL) to drive a car in Florence. In this case, you may lack one hence it is advisable to find your way through the city with the most convenient methods such as buses and walking by foot.

5.Using a bike

If you are touring Florence alone, biking in Florence is for you. Seeing Florence on a bike is quite an adventure. Check the map you intend to use before getting on a bike. There are no bike paths in Florence therefore you may need to exercise care when moving around to avoid minor accidents. You can also rent a bike at Pizza Cestello, Pizza Veneto, Rifredi and the Central railway station just to name a few.

Things to do in Florence

1. Take a picnic at Giardino delle Rose.

Located between Michelangelo and San Niccolo, Giardino delle Rose offers an attractive and breathtaking environment for visitors after a long day of travelling. This garden has plenty of roses and drawings which will help you unwind. The best time to visit is in early Summer and late Spring. The weather is perfect.

2.Visit the Holy Gates cemetery.

The Holy Gates cemetery is the largest graveyard in Florence. It occupies about the whole of San Miniato al Monte. With popular names buried here, this site is worth seeing.

3. Visit Villa Bardini

If you are a fan of heights, this is the place to be. This is the ideal place to relax after a day walking in Florence. Villa Bardini is surrounded by gardens and forests that offer peace and quiet. You can view the tower of Pizza Vecchio from the Belvedere Terrace.

Florence is a small city that has much to offer. You cannot confirm this unless you book a trip to Florence. Will you?

Discovering Paris’ ancient Cuisine, culture and architecture

Paris is the leading travel destination in Europe. This city is well-known for its exquisite French cuisines, culture and extraordinary architectural designs. We take a look at some of the top five French foods that make Paris worth visiting.

1.Beef bourguignon.

This is a French dish that has grabbed international attention. Prepared from beef braised in red wine and beef soup obtained from onions, mushrooms and garlic, Beef bourguignon is a tasty meal worth your time and money. Nowadays it is easy to prepare this food from the comfort of your home. Obviously, this is after you have had a taste at Chez Rene restaurant in Paris. The hotel serves bourguignon with potatoes that have been organised perfectly to bring out an appealing look. The restaurant is usually flooded with tourists year after year. Make a reservation today to avoid the last minute rush.

2.Confit de canard is another superb French dish to try out in Paris.

This mouth-watering dish is prepared from duck meat. In fact all parts of the duck play a vital role in producing the end product; Duck Confit. The preparation method is fast and pretty much easy. With few ingredients like garlic, salt and herbs, you can make Confit de canard in minutes. This meal is accompanied with red cabbage, roasted potatoes fried in duck fat or red wine. If you like duck then Le Petit is the place to go. This restaurant is open on a 24/7 basis. Normally, it is not too busy hence you can visit any time you wish. The staff is super excellent and inviting. Their produce is always fresh as it is obtained from their farm.

3.The best salad: Nicoise Salad is found in Paris, France.

This salad comprises of tomatoes, red peppers, boiled eggs, tuna, shallots, raw vegetables, green beans and Nicoise olives. Vinaigrette is used to dress the salad hence its luscious taste. The word salad is said to have originated from the French phrase ‘salade’. This goes without saying that Paris, France offers the best salads in the world. You can enjoy salad Nicoise at dinner after a long day of touring France’ beautiful structural designs.

4.Soup a l’oignon popularly known as French soup is a must have dish while in Paris.

The French soup dates back to the Roman Times. It is prepared from beef soup and caramelized onions. The soup is finalized by putting a large piece of bread or cheese on top. This gives it an attractive appearance and a splendid aroma. You can make your own French soup by getting a French recipe online.

5. Paris is rich in Red and White wines.

Getting the best wine can be tricky. This may not be the case in Paris. France has been known to be the largest producer of wine for a long time now. Paris to be specific has abundant wine regions such as Burgundy and Loire Valley. You can get some of the cheapest wines in the city for less than $20. For instance, the Domainede Paris cotes de Provence Rose that goes for $15.99 only. Some little wine is good for the stomach.

France offers a beautiful scenery of historical sites and architectural designs. Some of the finest architectural pieces include: Eiffel Tower, Sainte Chapelle and The Louvre.

6. The Louvre.

Located in Louvre Palace, the Louvre is the largest museum in Paris, France. A million of visitors tour this historic monument annually. It hosts royal paintings and drawings from various parts of the world such as Greece and Egypt. You can gain free entry into the museum all days except on Tuesday. This initiative was put in place following the terrorist act that occurred on 13th November 2015. The Mona Lisa painting and Michelangelo’s Dying slave drawing are a must see in the Louvre.

7. The Eiffel Tower is the best place to be in Paris.

The iron tower which is 324 meters tall stands out as the tallest building in France. It is situated on Champ de Mars close to Ecole Militaire to the Southeast. You can enjoy the diverse French cuisines offered in the first and second floors of the building. Citizens from the European union can also enjoy viewing Paris and its surroundings from the third level. You can opt to use stairs or a lift to find your way to the top of the structure. The experience is worth a try.

8. Sainte Chapelle

The Holy Chapelle or Sainte Chapelle as its popularly known is located in the heart of Paris. The structure of Sainte Chapelle follows the Gothic structural design. The church has the finest stained glass windows in the world. This is one feature that attracts visitors here. The center is open from 9.30AM-6PM on Wednesdays. You can book tickets online to avoid missing out on Sainte Chapelle tours. This is definitely a spiritual healing spot for everyone.

9. Dressing in France

Paris is the leading fashion hub in the entire world. For instance, designer Culottes originated from France. Culottes originated from the French word ‘Culot’. These undergarments were worn by both female and male persons in France. Although these clothes were worn by men to signify the rejection of the patrician rule, the culture of wearing culottes has since spread across the world at present.

Top 10 things/sites to explore while in Berlin

Located on the banks of River Havel and Spree lies a beautiful city, Berlin. This town is endowed with a moderate and pleasant climate no wonder it has plenty of parks and forests.

1. The Berlin Wall.

This site has an interesting backdrop. It was erected in 1961 to prevent gigantic movement of people into West Germany. In 1989, the wall was destroyed allowing citizens of East Germany entrance into West Germany. This was marked with joy and celebrations across Germany. However, prior to this many people had lost their lives. The Berlin wall is therefore a symbol of the effects of Cold War envisioned in East Germany. At the moment, tourists enjoy free movement and unlimited access to the Berlin Wall facilities. The government of Germany has also marked this day as a national holiday that is celebrated annually. Grab a 1 or 2- Day ticket to Berlin today for $21 only.

2.The Brandenburg Gate is a must visit place in Germany located between Mitte and Pariser Platz.

This beautiful site was established in the 18th Century as an entrance point into Berlin. The gate has a statue on top dabbed ‘Quadriga’. Initially the gate had this sculpture Quadriga; a statue of a goddess driving a chariot pulled by four horses. It was seized by Napoleon Bonaparte but later on claimed by Prussian soldiers who reinstated the ‘Quadriga’ symbol in 1990. Brandenburg Gate stands as a sign of victory from Bonaparte’s rule with tourists flooding the site annually. The Berlin Hip-on-Hop off Bus tour will take through the city easily. You can however walk your way to Brandenburg and take photos if you like.

3.The Reichstag building is quite an outstanding site located near The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Started in 1894, the building served as parliament where German rulers adjudicated national matters. Reichstag was doing well until 1933 when it was severely destroyed by a fire. In 1990-1999, this building was renovated by architect Norman Foster regaining its initial appearance. The house has an attractive look with a glass shaped Dome on the top. At the moment, Reichstag is the modern Parliament (Bundestag) where officials meet to legislate national affairs. This site is open to tourists and families throughout the year. You can walk onto the roof and have a better view of the Reichstag and its environs.

The center is open from 8AM-12AM during the weekends but runs throughout the week. Start booking online from 12 pounds alone.

4. The Berlin Cathedral is a gorgeous structural design to visit in Berlin.

Located on Museum Island in the Mitte municipality, the site offers a beautiful view of Mitte’s surrounding. This antique structure was made by Kaiserzeit, a renowned architecture in Germany. This church is ranked as the largest parish in Berlin that accommodates majority of protestant worshippers. It is also a tourist attraction with millions of visitors touring the site yearly. The Berlin Cathedral serves many functions such as concerts and tours among others. Feel free to visit the spot.

5.Fernsehturm or The Berlin Television Tower.

This structural design stands out as the tallest building in Berlin at 368 meters. Fernsehturm was constructed in the 1960s majorly to capture the beautiful appearance of Berlin. It is located in Mitte close to Alexanderplatz. The building has been said to have a unique sign of the cross when the sun shines on it. Hence the name, ‘ Rache des Papstes’- the Pope’s Revenge. Regardless of this, the site hosts millions of visitors annually. You can also enjoy a beautiful 360 degrees view of the city. After a long day of touring Berlin, you deserve a first-class meal. Dining in the Berlin Television Tower is worth your time and money.

Things to try out in Berlin

The Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is a mouth-watering dish you cannot avoid while in Berlin. It is made from thin veal slices that are pounded lightly in breadcrumbs, whipped eggs and eventually rolled in flour. This dish is prepared by qualified chefs right before you. It is served with capers, cucumber slices and lemon to provide an appealing appearance and fresh taste. The best Wiener Schnitzel is located at KaDeWe.

You can also enjoy street foods such as Naan pizzas which are cooked in a unique Taandori oven.

Naan Pizzas

This food is usually accompanied with fresh ingredients such as sun-dried tomatoes and avocado. Naan pizzas are pretty much cheap. They cost about 4 Euros only. It even gets better when you drink an Apple Grass juice after the meal. Enjoy the best Naan pizza at W Der Imbiss, Kastanienallee street in Berlin.

Berlin experiences summer, autumn, spring and winter yearly. The best season to visit the city is in Spring usually in May. During this time, the city has reawakened from winter. As a result, many folks such as street vendors have resumed their duties while others enjoy the Easter festivals. You can also visit the Museum Island during winter. During this time, there are less visitors hence no congestion. Make sure you get warm clothes and shoes to last you the entire trip.

The 4 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Going to a beach is a favorite vacation itinerary of billions of people all around the globe. It is not surprising at all because there are a lot of heavenly beaches that you can go to wherever you are in the world. Check out the most beautiful beaches in the world today. Check the view and make it your next summer stop.

1. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

It is the place where you can find more than fifty white sand beaches, and you can choose the first beach you want to dip your body in. You would also be able to see stunning lime stones partnered with clear blue water. For two consecutive years, El Nido has made its way to the number one spot.

2. Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii, USA

It is famous for its jet black shore that is made up of small lava pebbles from volcanic eruptions. It is a haven for photographers who want the perfect picture of the wild. You will be able to enjoy the view of the blue water while you are surrounded by the greenery of the forest.

3. Pansy Island, Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

It is a very famous spot for different divers in the world. There are six islands in total, but only four are inhabited. It is perfect if you are looking for a peaceful ambiance. The place is better known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

4. Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles

We are aware that Seychelles is a beautiful place to take your time off, but you have to wait until you see the clear blue water of Anse Lazio. You might want to stay in the paradise for good. It will give you a panoramic view most especially if you witness the sunset on this beach.

Now that you know about the four most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s time for you to start planning. You better get in shape as well as these beaches would want you to flaunt what you’ve got.

The 3 Must Visit Destinations In Europe

For people who love to go on a vacation, Europe is always on top of the list that everyone wants to visit. Why not? It is a beautiful continent where there are a lot of places that can take your breath away. If you are thinking to spend your next time off in Europe, here are the must visit destinations that should be on your list.

1. Rome, Italy

It is a magical city that is backed up by a great myth of its origin. It is a rich country, most especially when it comes to history. There are also a lot of places that you should not miss when in Rome. You should see Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Basilica di San Pietro and a lot more.

2. Paris, France

It is a beautiful place not just for lovers but for everyone. It is known as the city of lights, and it is one place that someone will not be able to forget once you step in this magical place of love. You must visit Centre Pompidou, Versailles Palace, Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre and so much more.

3. London, United Kingdom

It is a town where you can find all the things you want in life. It is one place whereas people would love to visit and stay for good. All the contemporary things can be found in this city. You can feel the high respect of the people from Shakespeare up to the finest royalty. If you step foot in the city, you must never leave without seeing the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern and the British Museum.

Those are the top three must-visit destinations in Europe that should be on top of your bucket list. The three cities will no doubt make you fall in love with the place.

4 Reasons Why A Cruise Is The Best Way To Spend Your Vacation

We all have our dream vacation. Most of us usually travel by land and by plane. Guess what? There is a better way to enjoy your vacation in the best possible way. How should you do it? It is by spending your vacation on a cruise.

Here’s why a cruise is the best way to spend your vacation.

1. Make the most out of your money

Unlike any other vacations that you have to pay for all the things separately like airfare, hotels and the whole set of activities, everything is all set if you will choose to go on a cruise. The money you will pay is already inclusive of all amenities. There are cruise deals that will even include the airfare before you get on board.

2. Relax after you are done booking your cruise

It is one of the perks of getting yourself on a cruise. Once you are done in choosing which cruise to join and the cabin you want to take, everything is already set for you. The only thing that you will have to think about is how to get yourself on the cruise ship when the time comes.

3. No need to worry unpacking multiple times

If you get on board a cruise ship, you will only unpack once then you will just think of what clothes to wear every day. You won’t have to suffer from packing and unpacking your things over and over again because you will only stay in the cabin you chose.

4. See more places in one trip

More often than not, when people go on a vacation they just settle for visiting one place at a time. It is not the case if you go on a cruise. You get to reach multiple destinations in one go. It is always better to see more most especially you only get a couple of days off in your hectic schedule for the whole year.

Next time you plan a vacation, put a cruise on your number one list so you can treat yourself for a better vacation experience.