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Interesting places in Venice

Who doesn’t want to travel to Venice?

This majestic capital of the Italian region of Veneto stretches over 117 islands in the Adriatic Lagoon and is entirely a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Throughout its history, it has led a number of artistic movements that have emerged as a rich naval force and have become the world’s first true international financial center, making it one of the most culturally interesting and by far the most beautiful cities in the world.

Take the original Bellini to Harry’s Bar

This delicious fusion of peach puree and Prosecco has found its way around the world, but few are better than the original, invented by bartender Gisueppe Cipriani in Venice in the 1930s.

Perform a vaporetto

Taking tickets to these little water taxis will give you a deeper idea of ​​the huge size of the canal system, notice how Dad reaches parts of the city and most importantly gets the wind in your hair and truly experiences the coastal city. At just € 7 for 60 minutes of driving, this is a cheaper and faster option for gondola rides.

Eat Chicchett

This Venetian version of tapas, served in a “bacari” (a kind of oyster), takes high-quality Italian ingredients and puts them on top of bread or traditional polenta. Combine them with a small glass of white wine called “Ombra” (“shadow”) and you’re like the locals.

Check the glass in Murano

Murano’s famous glass-blowing studios produce high-quality products that are in demand around the world, making it an amazing place to buy first-class souvenirs.

Experience the Basilica of San Marco

Probably the most beautiful church in all of Italy, it has three main chapels and more than six kilometers of mosaics, many of which are made entirely of gold.

You will become speechless after seeing the magnificent Pala D’Oro (golden altarpiece) jewelry: one of the most precious pieces in the world.

Join the Bridge of Sighs

This famous pedestrian-friendly white limestone bridge connects the new prison to the interrogation room of Doge’s Palace, and legend has it that the bridge is named after the sounds the prisoners would make to see their last glimpse of Venice before they were imprisoned.

Buy a painting / sketch from the Grand Canal

The “Amateur Painters” and Illustrators, who work along the Gran Canal next to St. Mark’s Square, are some of the most successful in the country – just remember to trade, as the original prices can be a little steep.

It’s not cheap for trips over € 50 or € 60 in high season, but few things are more Venetian than a twist on one of these classic boats, as the gondola serenates you in a traditional Italian song.

Venice’s largest square offers tremendous relief for claustrophobia and some of the city’s most significant buildings, including St. Mark’s Basilica and the famous bell tower. Just keep your wallet away, prices in the area will double from almost everything from ice cream to souvenir shirts.

Turn off GPS and get lost

Just use your GPS as a last resort: Venice is great for what you encounter and the fear of never returning to your hotel without going to a corner and succumbing to drying out.

Discovering Paris’ ancient Cuisine, culture and architecture

Paris is the leading travel destination in Europe. This city is well-known for its exquisite French cuisines, culture and extraordinary architectural designs. We take a look at some of the top five French foods that make Paris worth visiting.

1.Beef bourguignon.

This is a French dish that has grabbed international attention. Prepared from beef braised in red wine and beef soup obtained from onions, mushrooms and garlic, Beef bourguignon is a tasty meal worth your time and money. Nowadays it is easy to prepare this food from the comfort of your home. Obviously, this is after you have had a taste at Chez Rene restaurant in Paris. The hotel serves bourguignon with potatoes that have been organised perfectly to bring out an appealing look. The restaurant is usually flooded with tourists year after year. Make a reservation today to avoid the last minute rush.

2.Confit de canard is another superb French dish to try out in Paris.

This mouth-watering dish is prepared from duck meat. In fact all parts of the duck play a vital role in producing the end product; Duck Confit. The preparation method is fast and pretty much easy. With few ingredients like garlic, salt and herbs, you can make Confit de canard in minutes. This meal is accompanied with red cabbage, roasted potatoes fried in duck fat or red wine. If you like duck then Le Petit is the place to go. This restaurant is open on a 24/7 basis. Normally, it is not too busy hence you can visit any time you wish. The staff is super excellent and inviting. Their produce is always fresh as it is obtained from their farm.

3.The best salad: Nicoise Salad is found in Paris, France.

This salad comprises of tomatoes, red peppers, boiled eggs, tuna, shallots, raw vegetables, green beans and Nicoise olives. Vinaigrette is used to dress the salad hence its luscious taste. The word salad is said to have originated from the French phrase ‘salade’. This goes without saying that Paris, France offers the best salads in the world. You can enjoy salad Nicoise at dinner after a long day of touring France’ beautiful structural designs.

4.Soup a l’oignon popularly known as French soup is a must have dish while in Paris.

The French soup dates back to the Roman Times. It is prepared from beef soup and caramelized onions. The soup is finalized by putting a large piece of bread or cheese on top. This gives it an attractive appearance and a splendid aroma. You can make your own French soup by getting a French recipe online.

5. Paris is rich in Red and White wines.

Getting the best wine can be tricky. This may not be the case in Paris. France has been known to be the largest producer of wine for a long time now. Paris to be specific has abundant wine regions such as Burgundy and Loire Valley. You can get some of the cheapest wines in the city for less than $20. For instance, the Domainede Paris cotes de Provence Rose that goes for $15.99 only. Some little wine is good for the stomach.

France offers a beautiful scenery of historical sites and architectural designs. Some of the finest architectural pieces include: Eiffel Tower, Sainte Chapelle and The Louvre.

6. The Louvre.

Located in Louvre Palace, the Louvre is the largest museum in Paris, France. A million of visitors tour this historic monument annually. It hosts royal paintings and drawings from various parts of the world such as Greece and Egypt. You can gain free entry into the museum all days except on Tuesday. This initiative was put in place following the terrorist act that occurred on 13th November 2015. The Mona Lisa painting and Michelangelo’s Dying slave drawing are a must see in the Louvre.

7. The Eiffel Tower is the best place to be in Paris.

The iron tower which is 324 meters tall stands out as the tallest building in France. It is situated on Champ de Mars close to Ecole Militaire to the Southeast. You can enjoy the diverse French cuisines offered in the first and second floors of the building. Citizens from the European union can also enjoy viewing Paris and its surroundings from the third level. You can opt to use stairs or a lift to find your way to the top of the structure. The experience is worth a try.

8. Sainte Chapelle

The Holy Chapelle or Sainte Chapelle as its popularly known is located in the heart of Paris. The structure of Sainte Chapelle follows the Gothic structural design. The church has the finest stained glass windows in the world. This is one feature that attracts visitors here. The center is open from 9.30AM-6PM on Wednesdays. You can book tickets online to avoid missing out on Sainte Chapelle tours. This is definitely a spiritual healing spot for everyone.

9. Dressing in France

Paris is the leading fashion hub in the entire world. For instance, designer Culottes originated from France. Culottes originated from the French word ‘Culot’. These undergarments were worn by both female and male persons in France. Although these clothes were worn by men to signify the rejection of the patrician rule, the culture of wearing culottes has since spread across the world at present.

4 Reasons Why A Cruise Is The Best Way To Spend Your Vacation

We all have our dream vacation. Most of us usually travel by land and by plane. Guess what? There is a better way to enjoy your vacation in the best possible way. How should you do it? It is by spending your vacation on a cruise.

Here’s why a cruise is the best way to spend your vacation.

1. Make the most out of your money

Unlike any other vacations that you have to pay for all the things separately like airfare, hotels and the whole set of activities, everything is all set if you will choose to go on a cruise. The money you will pay is already inclusive of all amenities. There are cruise deals that will even include the airfare before you get on board.

2. Relax after you are done booking your cruise

It is one of the perks of getting yourself on a cruise. Once you are done in choosing which cruise to join and the cabin you want to take, everything is already set for you. The only thing that you will have to think about is how to get yourself on the cruise ship when the time comes.

3. No need to worry unpacking multiple times

If you get on board a cruise ship, you will only unpack once then you will just think of what clothes to wear every day. You won’t have to suffer from packing and unpacking your things over and over again because you will only stay in the cabin you chose.

4. See more places in one trip

More often than not, when people go on a vacation they just settle for visiting one place at a time. It is not the case if you go on a cruise. You get to reach multiple destinations in one go. It is always better to see more most especially you only get a couple of days off in your hectic schedule for the whole year.

Next time you plan a vacation, put a cruise on your number one list so you can treat yourself for a better vacation experience.