Favorite city in the world: beautiful Venice, Italy

After several years of traveling, I would say Venice, Italy is still my favorite place all the time. There is something so unique about the city floating in the water and the gondolas that run through the canals.

It’s not even about the architecture or the food (which I love), it’s more about the feeling I get when I’m there.
The beautiful Venice made me fall in love with traveling and it continues to shine through the visits.

WHY visit Venice?

I went on a honeymoon in Italy in 2011, and Venice was our first stop. I will never forget the respect I had throughout being there. At the time, my travel list grew explosively, and it clearly hasn’t stopped since. How can you forget that feeling? I’ve been to Venice three times now plus 19 other Italian cities, and countless countries around the world, but Venice convince me anyway.

It is such a visited city and parts of it can be so touristy. But it has a charm that even the most experienced travelers cannot deny. Editing these photos reminded me of how much I love this city and all its wonderful moments. Like looking out of a hotel window and a passing gondola.

Or take the traffic jam under the sigh bridge. According to legend, the Bridge of Sighs got its name because the prisoners who crossed it on their way to their cells or execution facilities sighed as they received a final glimpse of Venice through the small windows.

And a visit to Florian, one of the oldest (and most beautiful) cafes in the world, born in 1720. I recommend sitting outside and enjoying their live orchestra, which is sure to add to the experience. I mean, come on! How can you not feel like you are in a movie scene in Venice? Regardless of the moment I am pretty sure I am not the only one who loves this floating city.

How do you get from the airport to the center of Venice?

If you are flying into Venice Airport, you can step right outside the hotel and try taking the bus to the city center.

You can also book a ticket in advance to make life easier. The bus is a much cheaper route to get to the center. From there you can walk to your hotel (cheapest option) or take a quick water taxi.

Water taxi trips are worth it, especially for your arrival and departure. The city can be difficult to navigate at first glance, it’s actually a maze when you walk the streets.

So we missed the first year we visited, just trying to get to the hotel and not lose the fun.
Save time and take a taxi to the hotel, enjoy the city views from the water and take lots of photos along the way.

How Many Days in Venice?

Venice is small, but it has so much character and delicious food that you have to give it at least 2 days. I would say go for 3 days if you have the flexibility to arrange a day trip to explore other islands.

If you have several days available, I recommend leaving and visiting neighboring cities. As you can see from my message alone, Venice is a Photographer’s Dream. It is full of unique facades, surprising corners, shops and of course the famous canals of Venice. It is a city that is best explored in peace. Slow down and enjoy the love of the city. We wandered aimlessly as we came across the most beloved and unique bookstore we have ever seen.

The last time we visited Venice was in April. In fact, we tend to always go in April (because it’s our anniversary). The weather is usually good for us. We only experienced heavy rain for one day. There was little flooding and we got ahead the next day.

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